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Lighting Installations

Lighting Installations are one of our favorite things to create.  This is a growing list of projects/commissions.


This was a project created by Darcy Neal that was displayed at the Circuit Breaker collaborative showcase at Texas Womens University with Michael Alexander Morris and Luke Harnden, curated by Danielle Avram




This #Lovebomb LED twitter map was a collaboration between Darcy Neal and Alex Meswarb for the Digital Dallas Art/Code event.

This is footage from a test run of the map.  On the laptop is Alex Meswarbs custom twitter code, which is causing for the points on the map to illuminate whenever #love is used on twitter.


#Love Bomb footage of the twitter love map from the night of the show opening for the Digital Dallas Art/Code showcase


Addressable LED sign made by Darcy Neal using WS2812 leds, diffusing acrylic and lasercut images.


This letter K was retrofitted with addressable LEDs, assembled by Darcy Neal.


Experiments with light-reactive prints created by Darcy Neal