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Lighting Installations

Lighting Installations are one of our favorite things to create.  This is a growing list of projects/commissions.



This was a light chime project that was created by Thomas Hudson and friends at CTRL-H for the Pickathon festival.  Darcy Neal programmed the audio sequences to add to the interactivity of the piece, which was triggered by touch, which was sensed by an accelerometer and wireless microcontroller in each cocoon.   This footage was from the Portland Mini Maker Faire, where it was on display in the OMSI workspace.



This is an interactive seating installation that LadyBrain Studios created in collaboration with Multiforms created for Digital Dallas TechWeek event in 2016.  It had two custom CNC’d seating arrangements with were installed with LEDs and transducer speakers.  There was a central control station loaded with ultrasonic distance sensors that would change the illumination, speed, and frequency response of the seating arrangement.



This is an LED matrix that Darcy Neal built for a client with a touchscreen interface that allowed users to change the animation, colors and overall brightness.  It used 2068 individually addressable LEDs with a raspberry pi and HDMI touchscreen with a custom 3d printed enclosure.



This was an interactive dance wall that was created by Darcy Neal using a rear projection screen, a Kinect motion sensor, and software created with OpenFrameworks.  It was displayed at several events, including this event which was an art opening by artist-in-residence director Jason Mehl at the Fairmont Hotel artist residency.  Thanks to Tara Baker for dancing and interacting with the installation.



This was a project created by Darcy Neal that was displayed at the Circuit Breaker collaborative showcase at Texas Womens University with Michael Alexander Morris and Luke Harnden, curated by Danielle Avram




This #Lovebomb LED twitter map was a collaboration between Darcy Neal and Alex Meswarb for the Digital Dallas Art/Code event.

The goal of this project was to analyze twitter data and to play blooming animation on a map of the U.S. wherever there was the instance of the hashtag #love used in a tweet.  This is footage from a test run of the map.  On the laptop is Alex Meswarbs custom twitter code.  The LED interface was built by Darcy Neal.




This is footage of the #Lovebomb animated twitter map from the night of the show opening for the Digital Dallas Art/Code showcase.



Addressable LED sign made by Darcy Neal using WS2812 LEDs, diffused acrylic and laser-cut images.



This was a vintage neon sign that was retrofitted with addressable LEDs.  It had a waterproof button installed to change the color sequences and was programmed and assembled by Darcy Neal.



This was a custom relay setup that Darcy Neal created for a lighting installation by Jenny Vogel, which was on display at the MAC Gallery in 2015.  It involved an Arduino which distributed morse code signals to several relays located within custom laser-cut enclosures.  It was designed to match the power ratings of the gallery space and had protection fuses installed to ensure safe operation for long-term use.




Experiments with light-reactive prints created by Darcy Neal